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Why get involved?
You protect and conserve the historic Buckner Orchard and Ranch
. You can receive updates on Foundatio and NPS activities benefiting the Ranch. You can provide input regarding the protection and conservation of this historic site. You leave a legacy for future generation to understand and enjoy. You can receive an annual report, includin a summary of income and expenses for the year.

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Memberships and

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Fund a project
Priority projects are identified annually by the National Park Service, and can be funded by individual contributions, and facilitated by the Foundation. Contact the Foundation at if you would like to consider supporting a project.
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Make a non-specific Contribution
Contribute funds to support the over-all work of the Foundation in caring for and preserving the Buckner Ranch and Orchard.

Make a Donation Online
To make a donation online,
please follow these 5 easy steps:
1. go to
2. Under the Giving tab,
    click Make A Donation
3. In the Select Campaign drop down,
    choose General Community Foundation
4. In the box, Where would you like to
    designate this donation?
    Please put "BHHF"
5. After that you will see a prompt to pay
    by using PayPal or by credit card.


Thank you for your time and donation!


Our primary means of communication with members is through blind copy e-mail. This method allows us to quickly share information with members in a cost-effective manner.

All funds are used specifically to support the Buckner Orchard and Ranch.

The Buckner Homestead Heritage Foundation is a not-for-profit organization created specifically to support and preserve the Buckner Homestead and Orchard in Stehekin, Washington, and is registered as such with the State of Washington and the IRS (Tax ID #452913458).

Volunteer Tasks

Late March and April
After most snow is gone.
- brush piling - pile pruning’s for burning

Snow gone early, buds bursting pruning should be complete mid month, grafting should be done shortly thereafter.
- remove mouse guards
- assist in clear main ditch
  (clear fallen logs, remove sediment)
- haul brush
- buck up / remove fallen forest trees
  (on perimeter)

Bloom around Mother's Day, grass 1' tall late May, elk still around.
- burn ditches with propane torch
  (weed main ditches before every watering)
- kill weeds in cages (burn w/ propane torch)
- Assist with general orchard and
  ranch clean up

Grass 4' tall by second week.
- burn ditches, and weeds in cages
- repair / build/ improve ditch dams
- weed whack ditches
  (weed whacker / burn alternate)
- thin (reduce # of apples in fenced area)

Fire ban by 2nd week, water levels declining.
- weed whack ditches
- remove all apples caged/young trees
- peel poles (fence/prop)
- maintain historic farm equipment
  and around buildings
- talk to visitors

Water at its lowest late Aug. trees transpiring, irrigation incomplete on several rows.
- weed whack ditches
- weed whack around fence area
  prior to installation of electric fence
- talk to visitors

Harvest begins, bears in full force, irrigation rotation tapers.
- weed whack ditches, cages
- remove all apples caged/young trees
- reapply trunk protectors
  (rodents on young trees)
- talk to visitors

Trees harden up, irrigation over late October.
- talk to visitors
- Assist with Harvest Fest
- General orchard and ranch clean up


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