Volunteer Tasks

Late March and April
After most snow is gone.
– brush piling – pile pruning’s for burning

Snow gone early, buds bursting pruning should be complete mid month, grafting should be done shortly thereafter.
– remove mouse guards
– assist in clear main ditch
  (clear fallen logs, remove sediment)
– haul brush
– buck up / remove fallen forest trees
  (on perimeter)

Bloom around Mother’s Day, grass 1′ tall late May, elk still around.
– burn ditches with propane torch
  (weed main ditches before every watering)
– kill weeds in cages (burn w/ propane torch)
– Assist with general orchard and
ranch clean up

Grass 4′ tall by second week.
– burn ditches, and weeds in cages
– repair / build/ improve ditch dams
– weed whack ditches
  (weed whacker / burn alternate)
– thin (reduce # of apples in fenced area)

Fire ban by 2nd week, water levels declining.
– weed whack ditches
– remove all apples caged/young trees
– peel poles (fence/prop)
– maintain historic farm equipment
and around buildings
– talk to visitors

Water at its lowest late Aug. trees transpiring, irrigation incomplete on several rows.
– weed whack ditches
– weed whack around fence area
prior to installation of electric fence
– talk to visitors

Harvest begins, bears in full force, irrigation rotation tapers.
– weed whack ditches, cages
– remove all apples caged/young trees
– reapply trunk protectors
  (rodents on young trees)
– talk to visitors

Trees harden up, irrigation over late October.
– talk to visitors
– Assist with Harvest Fest
– General orchard and ranch clean up

To volunteer contact bucknerorchard@aol.com