We need you more than ever!

As reported in our Annual Report for 2021, we were able to do many good things at the Homestead and Orchard thanks to your support, contributions, and volunteering.  If we are to continue this good work, funding and volunteering must continue. 

The Buckner Orchard and Homestead need our support more than ever!

It’s Personal We all have our own experiences that make the Buckner Orchard meaningful and personal.  Most are as simple as enjoying the location, the peace and tranquility, the history and beauty, or appreciating the wonderful Common Delicious apples.  Previously, Jim Trappe and I shared our stories as to why support for the Buckner Orchard is truly personal and important.

Brun Garfoot, a Foundation board member, who grew up at the Buckner Orchard during the earliest Park Service days, shares his experiences and why he supports the Foundation and its work at the Buckner Orchard. 

As someone why spent years climbing every apple tree to get the biggest one at the very top to eat, to watching the wildlife and community alike enjoy one of the pretty places in the Stehekin Valley, I am grateful to be able to support the Buckner Orchard into the future.  It is a special place for me as our family had the luxury and privilege of care taking it. Very few kids can call it home.  As a result, what ever I can do to insure that it is around for others to enjoy gives me great satisfaction.  This is why I support the Buckner Orchard Foundation and why I hope you can too. 
 ~ Brun Garfoot ~

Please join us today in supporting the Buckner Orchard, helping ensure that we and future generations, have the opportunity to create our own personal experiences and memories! 
 Herb Sargo, BHHF President

Memberships are one form of contributing funds to support the Foundation’s work at the Homestead and Orchard. 

RENEWALS – Quick and Convenient, renew digitally on-line (click here)

If you prefer, a check, made out to the Buckner Homestead Heritage Foundation (BHHF), should be mailed to PO Box 184, Manson, WA  98831.  As a renewal, we will have your information on file.  Please include your e-mail address, as this is how we receipt and communicate with members in a cost-effective manner.   And, your contribution is tax deductible as allowed by the IRS.

NEW MEMBERSHIP – Download and print the membership form found at this link (click here) and mail to PO Box 184, Manson, WA  98831.  Again, be sure to include your e-mail address.   Or, simply  use the link above for renewals for an easy on-line membership.  

  • Individual  –  $25.00  
  • Family  –  $50.00                                  
  • Business –  $75.00    
  • Patron  –  $100.00            
  • Benefactor – $250.00      
  • Steward  –  $500.00       
  • Sustainer – $1,000.00     
  • Or, any amount you choose! 

Please join us today with whatever level of membership you choose and help us assure a productive and successful future for the Buckner Homestead.   Not sure how your contribution will be used?  Then, review our 2021 Financial Summary, included in the Annual Report, at the link at the top of this message.  All Foundation work and administration is entirely by volunteers.

DONATIONS – Another form of support for the Homestead and Orchard is a donation. Monetary donations may be for a specific purpose or as a non-specific donation to the Foundation.  (click here) or mail your check as outlined above.)